Since 1997, Greg has been motivating and encouraging others through their painful failures and coaching them toward their true potential.

Prior to 1997, Greg’s life was going as planned. He had worked up to assistant basketball coach at Western Kentucky University where he assisted in coaching a four-year losing streak into 21 wins. He married and started his own business in Cynthiana, Kentucky where he received the Business Person of the Year Award by the Chamber of Commerce, the Volunteer of the Year from the Harrison County School System, and the Community Service Award from Kiwanis Club. Things were going very well. Then on March 1, 1997 flood waters came to the small town of Cynthiana and wiped out hundreds of homes and businesses, including Greg’s business. The floodwaters caused his grocery store almost $2 million in damages. Without flood insurance, he was later forced into bankruptcy causing him to lose his business and his home that was used as collateral for the business loan. As if that wasn’t bad enough, his wife also requested a divorce. At this point Greg hit rock bottom. But, he learned and survived from these major life challenges and now shares with audiences how he overcame these losses and moved forward to a rewarding life.

Greg now speaks to audiences about failure and how to “Fail Forward!” His ability to move an audience to action is what he does best. He is an energetic, articulate, and spirited entrepreneur with a consistent record of contribution to individual and organizational development, new concept planning, and TEAM leadership management. With a broad and diversified background in athletics, business and non-profit management, Greg began coaching individuals and consulting other business owners. He also produced and hosted his own sports talk radio show, and currently serves as radio-commentator for high school and college basketball/football games.

In 2017, Greg started a non-profit called “HOPE is Here” to help address the alarming increase in the national suicide rates. As part of this endeavor he communicates a message of hope through a daily radio program/podcast. In addition to the thousands that listened live on the radio, more than 35,000 podcasts were downloaded. Greg welcomes the opportunity to speak to organizations, non-profits, and churches about creating awareness about suicide and its prevention.

One of New York Times Best-selling authors, John C. Maxwell, featured Greg’s story in his book, "Failing Forward, Turning Mistakes Into Stepping Stones for Success." Greg certainly learned that "it’s not what happens to you, but what happens in you." He’s a walking success and wants to help you overcome adversity in your life as well. 


How Do You Perceive Failure?

How is Your Attitude?



Teaching Students to Overcome Failure

Don't Let Fear Steal Your HOPE



We greatly appreciated Greg joining our lineup of speakers for the Fall Success Week. His message of resilience and pushing forward through adversity resonated with students grappling with making decision after mid-terms. - Mackenzie L. Hanes, M.Ed., Director, Career Services and Academic Success, Midway University"

Mackenzie L. Hanes, M.Ed / Director, Career Services and Academic Success / Midway University

Greg is an impactful motivational speaker. He uses the life lessons of being a former business owner, a Division I collegiate assistant coach, and a pastor to shape the guidance on how to overcome adversity.  Greg helps shape the lives of those he encounters, by showing how ordinary people can do extraordinary things with the right direction and focus

Chad Tidwell/ Edward Jones

Sincerity. Caring. Love. Those are the traits I have witnessed when I have heard Greg Horn speak.  He shares his message of overcoming, and he does it with a humble heart and the desire to help lift those who need hope and encouragement.  He includes practical how-to suggestions along with the inspiration and motivation to get up and get moving, even after failing and falling.  I have also had the privilege of interviewing him at length on my podcast. He is the same person on and off the stage. He is a blessing to those who encounter him.

Tom Hailey / Continuing Education Provider / Gate Precast Company